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Terms of Sale - How to Buy an Item

USA and Foreign Inquiries ... Items on my site are not linked to my email. Send me the link, or the title and price of the item so I can find it. I can then answer any questions you may have such as availability, etc.

Items marked Future Consignment, Price ... $xxx: These items are not owned by me, but are promised to me at a future time, but not yet priced. When the owners decide on a price that is in the ballpark I will post it for sale. If you are interested in an item that has no price, email me the link and just say "notify me." I will put you on the notify list. As soon as I post a price, I will send everyone on the notify list an email. The first on the list will have up to 5 days to contact me and say "I'll take it." Otherwise I'll sell it to the next email in line that says "I'll take it. Don't ask me to price items that don't have a price or to bother the owners to "hurry it up." I promise I will notify you by email as soon as it is available for sale.

USA and Foreign Orders ... Items on my site are not linked to my email. Send me the link(s), or the title and price of the item(s) so I can find it. If you want to buy it, include your shipping address because USA orders get free shipping, Foreign orders get shipping at or below cost. I will quickly put the item(s) on hold for you and email you payment information. I can answer you in almost any language!

Wisconsin Sales Tax ... If you live in Wisconsin please add 5.5% to the price or mail me a completed and signed Wis Resale Certificate along with your payment.

USA Shipping: I will safely pack your items. The buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage the moment the package/envelope is mailed by me. If you live in the United States there is usually no charge for shipping, it is already included in the price. I go to the post office once or twice per week. Add for insurance if you want it ($2.20 and up). The current post office charge for a 1 ounce 1st class package starts at $4.06. Add $18 for Registered Mail to cover USPS fees and special packaging, but remember, registered mail is slow because it is under lock and key every step of the way!

Foreign shipping: I will safely pack your items. The buyer assumes all risk of loss and damage the moment the package/envelope is mailed by me. I go to the post office once or twice per week. Postage for most thin items (3/8 inches) is only about $4.50 to $5!

USA Payments: Cash, Check, MO, Postal Money Orders (ship next day). I do not accept Paypal friends/family from USA customers anymore (they are now seizing accounts of buyers and sellers and keeping the $ for any rule violation - so why risk it for saving a stamp and waiting a few more days to get your order?). Many payments by check may need to clear before I ship. I am not set up to accept credit cards. Bank to bank transfers mean bank fees of $75 to $100.

Foreign Payments: Cash by registered mail, International Money Orders (for Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean), email Moneygram, Western Union MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number); Europe & Asia (Paypal FF: friends/family/gift option), and (Paypal GS: goods/services option).

Foreign Paypal (Family-Friends, Gift Option): Use this PP F/F Option when you only want to pay for the low cost 1st class airmail shipping. Most thin items (3/8 inches) can be mailed for about $5. Make sure you know how to choose the Friends/Family option! Keep the comment field blank!! If you choose the Goods option by mistake, or state your payment is for merchandise in the comment field, I will regretfully refund your payment. So please be careful. For items that need a package, the US Postal Service rates start at $14 with no package tracking. You will not be eligible for "buyer protection." The USPS purposely does not sell tracking or insurance on 1st class airmail to foreign countries. Some foreign countries now track some packages using the customs number but you can't count on it.

Foreign Paypal (Goods/Services Option): Use this GS option when you want package tracking and Paypal "buyer protection." Only available with USPS Express Mail (Federal Express) to established customers. The cost is high: $63 for a 12x9" tracking envelope (anything you can stuff in up to 4 pounds). The buyer also pays for full insurance, plus 4% to cover Paypal fees on the total payment. Paypal G/S is extremely and obscenely expensive!!
*** If you pay with the Paypal Goods option and only add the low cost $14 postage plus PP fees I will cancel your order and refund your payment. Why? Because I can't buy a tracking number for 1st class shipping, it is not available! Without tracking, the buyer can complain to Paypal they never received the item. In fact the buyer can make up almost any story. Paypal will then take the money right out of my account. So please, if you want the PP Goods/Services Option you must pay for the Express Mail Monopoly Fees.

Email notification ... I will email you the day I receive your payment and the day I ship your order.

Payment by Trade or Consignment Items ... I am always looking for nice quality original items. What do you have to trade, sell, or consign? Send me an email or give me a call. My site e-militaria.com has been online since 2005.

Returns ... Any item may be returned for a full refund, less actual shipping and insurance costs if returned within seven days following receipt of the item(s) as long as they are returned in the same condition as sent. Any damage resulting from untoward disassembly, cleaning, "polishing", or other alterations may result in the denial of a full-refund. All returns must be safely packed and fully insured.

Prices ... The items in this online catalog are either mine or are on consignment from others. The prices are pretty much what I have to get. Unlike some other dealers, you know you are not getting gouged on shipping and handling charges. When something really nice comes along I pay up and that's what you must do too. I do not give volume or dealer discounts. If an item I own doesn't get many page views or has been around a while I may lower the price to move it out or return it to the consignor. If my item still doesn't sell I will put it up on ebay (if it doesn't have a swastika) for a 99 cent opening bid. It seems the USA purposely reduces the value of the dollar by 3% or more per year. My advice is to spend those shrinking dollars on assets that will appreciate over time.

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