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Sell or Consign your Militaria

E-Militaria is a site that features only high quality pre-1945 militaria. It is very easy to turn your original war relics into cash at e-militaria.com! Just give me a call or email me and let me know what you have. I will get you top money quick!

I am interested in almost anything you have. Uniforms, daggers, swords, helmets, hats, equipment, medals, pins, books, paper items, etc. I only deal in original items and I have to examine in hand what you have before payment. I do not buy reproductions, anti-semitic items, ground dug grave goods, or death notice cards. If you email me photos of what you have I can email you a ballpark range of what it is worth. My commission is 30% for items that sell for less than $100, 25% for items $100 and up, and 15% if you apply your proceeds to items on my site.

For items with no swastika sold on ebay my commission is 15% for items/lots that sell for under $100, 12.5% for items $100 and up. Nothing is put up for sale until you the consignor approve the photos, description, and price.

Cost to ship a small size, flat rate, priorority mail box with two day delivery and free internet tracking is about $6. I mail your payment immediately after the buyer accepts your item. Correctly priced items sell in a few days.