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1919-1945 German Veteran Organizations
Stahlhelm, Soldatenbund, DRKB, NSRKB, NSKOV

National Socialist German War Veterans Day Parade 1938 or 1939

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History of the DKB - DRKB - NSRKB

Kyffhauser Bund
pre 1936
DRKB 1936 - 37
NSRKB 1938 - 1945

The DRKB, Deutscher Reichskriegerbund (German National Association of Veterans) was formed during WWI and was based on the DKB, Deutscher Kriegerbund (German Veterans Association), originally formed after the war of 1870-71. The K in the initials also referred to the Kyffhäuser mountain where a large war memorial had been erected. The goal of the association was to preserve the morale and comradeship of former soldiers and to financially assist its members if needed. Uniform and headgear regulations introduced prior to 1933 were politicized in 1936 and again in 1938 to incorporate the swastika into the design of their logo. The DRKB was renamed NS-RKB, Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund, (National Socialist-State Soldiers League) by the Nazi Party on March 29th 1938 which combined most of the earlier veterans associations into one national organization.

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